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Readings by MONICA

Do you wish to know what the future holds? Do you feel unsettled by uncertainty in your life? Consult Readings By Monica and find out what the cosmos has planned for you. Let the help of a truly gifted psychic lead you along the path of happiness. 99% accurate, Readings By Monica can give you genuine insight, real answers and unfailing advice.

Call today to schedule an appointment for precise readings on all aspects of life, from matters of the heart to possible business ventures. Readings By Monica is also available for parties and phone consultations. 

I give never-failing advice on all matters of life, such as love, courage, marriage, divorce, business transactions of all kinds.

I may help reunite the separated, can help cause speedy and happy marriages.

I will help lift you out of sorrow and trouble and start you on a path of happiness and prosperity.

There is no heart so sad and dreary that I cannot bring sunshine into it. All readings are treated with complete privacy and confidentiality.

Winner since 2008

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Palm Reading

Your hands are full of wonderful information. This is a great way to get some quick and easy information from your past line, present line, future line, love line and success line.


Tarot Card Reading

See what the cards reveal for you! Past, Present, Future, Love, Business and Career.


Full Life Reading

The Full Life Reading covers ALL DIRECTIONS and ALL AREAS in ALL MATTERS of life. Past, Present, Future, Love, Business, Career, Loved Ones, Success and More!


Private Parties

All private parties and events. I will come to you. Will travel within a 30 mile radius. All services available. 10 person minimum. 1 hour minimum.

$150+ per hour

Chakra Balancing

Opening Chakras, releasing negative energy, pulling in positive energy, aligning and balancing so you can head in a positive and fulfilling future.

Individualized Service per Client

Life Coaching

Life coaching leads you in a direction of prosperity, happiness and contentment and will guide you towards a brighter future.

Individualized Service per Client

Spiritual Mediation

Working towards a very high spiritual ground. Helping to find your spiritual way in life.

Individualized Service per Client

Spiritual Guidance

Helping your to find your way to a path of happiness and prosperity

Individualized Service per Client

Psychic Medium

Contacting people from the other side and communicating with loved ones. Helping you reach closure with the passing of a loved one.

Individualized Service per Client

Green Bay

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